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The Way of the Calendar

CalendarCrush_The Way of the Calendar

There’s a saying, “If you didn’t document it, it didn’t happen.”

Those of you who work in the world of GMP manufacturing know this and probably live this. The null hypothesis here is that you did nothing; you must offer proof to deny this hypothesis to show that you actually performed the action.

Aside: in a judicial setting, the null hypothesis is that you are innocent. The prosecution must offer proof (beyond a reasonable doubt) that you are guilty.

So even before the pandemic, I settled on using my calendar(s) as the system of record to document how I spend my time. My meetings are already on there anyway. Might as well fill in the blank spaces with what I was actually doing.

My iPhone is really what sealed the deal on using my calendar 100%. Ding. I’m snapped out of whatever I was doing and I’m already thinking about what there is to do next. Tell me to do something? “Yeah, yeah. I’ll do it.” Schedule a slot on my calendar for me to do it? And it’s done.

Drives my wife crazy. It’s actually gotten to the point where we have to schedule picking up the kids otherwise, I’ll be engrossed in some task.

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Not just my wife, either… drives my business partners crazy. If it wasn’t on my calendar, I couldn’t be bothered to do it.

Tell me to do something? “Yeah, yeah. I’ll do it.” Schedule a slot on my calendar for me to do it? And it’s done.

This is what it means to be calendar-driven. The Way of the Calendar.

I run a calendar tied to my personal email. Three calendars for each of my businesses.

It’s okay that the events aren’t on the calendar contemporaneously. Plenty of impromptu events. I can be bothered to add them back if I’m billing for the hours.

It’s not that I’m a slave to my calendar as much as it is that I have a LOT of balls that need juggling.

Any edge that I can get to not drop a ball is a welcome method.

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