Calendar Crush

What is CalendarCrush?

CalendarCrush is an app that allows you to organize your time and money using your current calendar. Whether it’s invoicing, project transparency, analytics, managing your consultants, or just tracking time for internal business development purposes, we’ve got you covered.

Save time and money with CalendarCrush

What we do.

You book and manage your time with your calendarwhy turn around and re-enter that same information into a spreadsheet or an invoicing app? Whether you have two clients or 100, invoicing and billing takes a handful of minutes with CalendarCrush.

How we can help you

We’ve designed CalendarCrush to connect to your existing calendar and drastically reduce the amount of time and energy you spend doing billing and time management.

Convert your team's time into invoices quickly and easily

Respond to questions or concerns via the project dashboard

Visualize at a glance where the project is in terms of deliverables, time, and money

Easily detect and communicate time and money issues

Integrate to your accounting system, CRM, and business systems

We're changing the world, one calendar at a time.

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