Calendar Crush

How do you Unleash the Power of your Calendar?

What is Calendar-Based Invoicing?

At the end of each month, we found ourselves face to face with our calendars trying to make sense of the previous month’s activities. If you’re anything like us, this process was something akin to medieval torture.

  • Attempting to untangle the previous month’s activities
  • Converting them into billable hours
  • Distributing reports to the chain of command
  • Eventually, invoicing clients

…was consuming far too much unpaid time.

Considering we were organizing our lives around our shared calendars already, we came to understand that time is not only of the essence, it IS the essence.

Our background in automation, process control, and optimization helped us get the problem in perspective. Everything we were doing was composed of a what, where, why, when, and who.  

With these parts parsed and in-hand, we unleashed the power of our individual and collective calendars in ways we could not have anticipated.

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And so it began, toiling away to the tune of ten hours per week at our local coffee shops, we not only solved the problem but began to see how others could benefit from our tools.

The trend is clear—large companies are moving towards using a few key employees to manage contracted labor. We develop tools and technology daily to meet this change head on.  We enable the skilled workers of this world to step out on their own, to focus on what they do best, and leave the details of running their business to those who have come before and successfully overcome the obstacles.

Time is just the beginning!

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Unleash the Power of Your Calendar

No one wants to add more work in the already unpleasant process of billing and time management so we’ve designed CalendarCrush to connect to your existing calendar.  Here’s what we use it for:

  • Time tracking
  • Converting calendar events to invoices
  • Communicating project status internally and with clients
  • Generating billable hours reports
  • Generating and modifying invoices for additional (non-calendar) expenses
  • Configurable review and approval process
  • Establishing a single source of truth for project time & billing
  • GPS functionality for travel and location based work
  • Archival of past projects
  • Time/Money analytics on past projects

Simply connect your individual or collective calendar and unleash the power.

Get Started with Calendar Crush

Together, We Can Make the Shift to Calendar-based Invoicing

We’ve come to realize that time management issues are just the beginning and that taking down the real obstacle requires institutional change.

We need to standardize business practices from top to bottom on how we engage each other for work. This admittedly ambitious project touches everything from:

  • Project creation
  • RFPs
  • Proposal generation and review
  • Signed scope of work
  • Project (deliverables) transparency

…we can not do it alone.

We believe that together we can facilitate this shift in the way we work.

Beginning with CalendarCrush we aim to:

  • Facilitate the transition from an employee-based to a contingent worker-based economy
  • Enable skilled workers to go out on their own
  • Provide faster turn around from project conception to commencement
  • Help contractors understand what actually needs to be done and how to focus time where it matters
  • Increase project transparency (standardized SOW means clear, weighted deliverables set against agreed upon time/money variables)
  • Increased accountability, a rating system for both workers and employers

These goals are just the beginning. We aim to change the way we organize work and how we get paid for it. Join the revolution, get started with CalendarCrush today.

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