Calendar Crush

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CalendarCrush Basic is 100% free, forever.

Calendar to Invoice with CalendarCrush

With Calendar-Based Invoicing you can free yourself of timesheets and stop retyping what's already in your calendar

What is calendar-based invoicing?


Add meetings and work sessions to your calendar

Sync & Import

Sync your calendar and events are automatically imported


Sort calendar events into projects by customer


Create invoices by project at the end of the billing period

CalendarCrush Basic is 100% free, forever.

How we can help you

We’ve designed Calendar Crush to connect to your existing calendar and drastically reduce the amount of time and energy you spend doing billing and time management.

Convert your team's time into invoices quickly and easily

Respond to questions or concerns via the project dashboard

Visualize at a glance where the project is in terms of deliverables, time, and money

Easily detect and communicate time/money issues

Integrate to your accounting system, CRM, and business systems